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The Best Play-To-Earn Game in Malaysia, available now!

What is Play-To-Earn?

Many might wonder what Play-To-Earn is all about and how it would benefit gamers out there. To answer that question, a play-to-earn game is a business model where users get to play games and earn rewards while enjoying the gameplay, like battling for level upgrades, winning in the arena, and so much more. This also allows players to monetize their time spent on gaming, increasing their chances of earning real revenue.

Players can also gain in-game asset ownership with this Play-To-Earn feature. Usually, there would be in-game items that would be available for players to buy and own. Players must actively play the game in order to increase the asset value. The more engagement received, the higher the value would be.

Rome wasn’t built in just a day. Players need to frequently take part in the in-game economy to increase assets’ value in the provided ecosystem. In return, players will be rewarded in the form of game assets including characters, items, buildings, land, and many others.

This whole Play-To-Earn gaming system is not actually tough as it might sound. Everything is accessible especially with the use of blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

How Play-To-Earn Works?

In early days, Play-To-Earn worked in a conventional method. Players would need to mine their assets, increase the value and gain rewards through in-game currency. It slightly worked different than the current one does, only some games were unofficially available for assets trading with another player. Now, with the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFT existence, Play-To-Earn game is now more secured and safer.

On the other hand, NFT is a digital asset that represents real objects such as art, music, videos and in-game assets. NFT is very synonym to uniqueness where it allows buyer to own the original item with all the unique digital signature, serves as proof of ownership.

In Summary

All in all, 2021 is actually a wild year for Play-To-Earn, crypto and NFT fans as the demand for these three continues to rise. While the prices of all of these items are soaring and making them unattainable for novices, well... Good news! Let’s Gold Game offers a great start for those who want to start in Play-To-Earn game. With Let’s Gold Game, players may collect in-game assets, participate in in-game economy and win lots of rewards that are applicable in real world brands such as Huawei, and more. Click here to find out more.

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