Chapter 1


Portalia is a dimension where it has living creatures called Portaling.

Portalings have the ability to travel via portal created by a rare ancient species.


One day, the moon of Portalia turns Gold. Innocent Portalings who stare at the moon became infected by an uncurable desease, Midas Hunger.

Gold will grow in the infected Portalings' body driving them into a madness stage with desires for more Gold.

The infected Portalings started to kill each other for Gold. Wars broke out causing great destruction to Portalia.


An ancient species Puro, came accross an ancient book to discover crossing to C-32 dimension (The Earth) can save Portalia from Midas Hunger threats.

Puro decided to open the portal to escape from Portalia to Dimension C-32 with the good Portalings.


The energy were so strong when Puro opened the portal, attracting the infected Midas Hunger Portalings to the portal crossing.

Battle ensued at the portal crossing and spilled over to dimension C-32. Now earth has become a battle ground of the good and evil Portalings.

Puro and his Portalings must fight to stop the infected Portalings from destroying both worlds.

In one of the battles, the ancient book was snatched from Puro. To be continued...




You can enter battles by clicking the sword icon while you are in the world map.

Coins and Hit Points

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Flip coins by tapping on them. Getting coins that match the Portalings will damage them. Damaging them will reduce their Health Points (HP) by 1. Portaling’s HP is indicated by the heart icons. Reducing their HP to zero will end the battle in victory. Defeating the Portalings will advance you to the next stage.

Portalings will damage you whenever the flipped coins do not match the Portalings. Whenever you are damaged, your HP will be reduced by 1. You have 3 HP by default. This is indicated by the Puro’s face icon at the bottom left of the screen.


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You can recover all your lost HP by clicking on the Potion icon located next to the HP icons. If your HP is reduced to zero, the battle is lost, and you get to choose whether you want to fight again or leave.

You will receive one potion after every 10 stages. Potions can also be purchased from the Premium Shop using real money.


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Hint will appear after losing to a Portaling 3 times in a row. The hint icon can be found next to the potion icon. Clicking on the hint icon will remove half of the false result coins. Gold rewards are reduced by 20% whenever hints are used. Hint will disappear once the Portaling that it is used on is defeated.


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Gold is rewarded to you whenever you defeat a Portaling. You will also earn gold when you lose a battle but the amount you earn is drastically reduced. Gold can be spent to purchase vouchers that can be used in real life.


Congratulations! You’ve accumulated enough Gold to purchase your first voucher! The process is simple and accomplished in two categories. Let’s get started!

Category 1 - Purchase

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Category 2 - Redemption

Now you need to visit the merchant’s outlet! Open up the voucher you wish to redeem under Inventory, and tap the Use button to open up a Bar/QR Code. Flash this to your merchant and walk away with your merchandise!

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REMEMBER! Only press Use when you are ready to redeem! Once lost, you will not be able to recover your voucher!

Happy farming!