What is Let's Gold?

Let’s Gold is a location based mobile game with role play game (RPG) elements. The goal of the game is defeating the portlings and sending them back to their world to prevent their destruction of our world. This in return earns players’ gold and experience. There is also a chance you may befriend a portling as companion. Gold acquired can be used to exchange vouchers or discounts in the real world!

How do I download Let's Gold?

Use the following links to download the game:
Google Playstore

Or just head to your app store and search for “Let’s Gold”
We recommend downloading and starting the game whilst connected to a Wifi network to ensure a stable download.

How to purchase/redeem vouchers?

Visit our ‘Redemption’ section for a step-by-step guide!

I am using a Huawei device.
Why can't I download Let's Gold?

Let’s Gold is only available to Huawei devices with an updated access to Google Play store. Newer designs of this brand may not support this function.

How much is the value of 1000 gold coins?

Every 1,000 gold coins is equal to RM10.00 in value!

Why isn't the game available in my state/region?

Let’s Gold is currently in the expansion stage. We will bring Let’s Gold to your state/region by 2021!
For more info, contact us info@limpopotech.com

I downloaded the game, what do I do now?

A short tutorial will guide you through the main features of the game and train you for your first battle in the virtual world.

Does the game require GPS?

Yes, GPS is required to access the ‘Map’ function of the game to enable access to more promotions in your area. Should you disable your GPS, you will be restricted only to your ‘Battle’ function.

Why can't I play Let's Gold on my IOS 12.4.8?
Others peers on iPhone can play it.

iOS 12.4.8 specifically have an issue with the Unity Engine, which is a core component of our game. Only iPhones of varying iOS may play Let's Gold. Further announcements on this issue will follow the update of iOS 12.4.8 in the future.

Do you have additional questions?

Contact us at info@limpopotech.com and we would be happy to help in any way we can!